MB6-893 問題トレーリング & マイクロソフト Dynamics AX Financials


NO.1 You are the accounts receivable manager at you company. The company receives an advance of
10,000 USD against a sales order from the customer. The tax authorities require the company to re-
port the sales tax on the advance amount, even though the sales have not been made.
You need to ensure that this requirement is fulfilled.
What should you do?
A. Report conditional sales tax against a prepayment voucher.
B. Report sales tax exemption against a prepayment voucher.
C. Report withholding sales tax against a prepayment voucher.
D. Report sales tax on prepayment against a prepayment voucher.
Answer: C

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NO.2 You are an account payable clerk.
When creating purchase order invoices, your company has a policy that you must match the
purchase order, product receipt quantities, and amounts to the vendor invoice.
In the Accounts Payable Parameters, which line-matching policy should you choose?
A. charges matching
B. two-way matching
C. three-way matching
D. not required
Answer: D

NO.3 Your company creates a bank account for U.S. payroll disbursements.
You need to configure the new bank account in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials and configure the
check layout. You notice the date is printing in DD-MM-YYYY format, and you are not able to change
the date format on the check layout form.
What determines the format of the date?
A. bank on the bank account form
B. bank group on the bank groups form
C. check form setting on the check layout form
D. vendor on the vendor form
Answer: B

MB6-893 答案   

NO.4 You are the controller in a foreign subsidiary of your company.
You are creating a sales order with no sales tax for a foreign customer. You need to report this sales
by creating a tax code.
What should you set up in this situation?
A. withholding sales tax
B. standard sales tax
C. sales tax exemption
D. conditional sales tax
Answer: C

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